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Coffee has been a social commodity and luxury since ancient times. It has caused an uprising of coffee houses and roasteries across the world since the public got ahold of its magical capabilities. In response to the coffee shop, people have gathered at these sanctuaries to discuss life, politics and gossip.

Manhattan has seen an increase of coffee shops over the past couple decades, from the local favorite Radina’s to the popular Bluestem Bistro. Coffee is a sought-after drink of choice in college towns across the country; thanks to its caffeine effects, it has allowed students to stay up past a reasonable bedtime in order to study. Although you could walk into any shop for a quick fix, each individual place has its own vibe when you walk in.

There are quite a few selections for the size of our quaint city, which vary from local chains to slow bars. However, each one has its own unique feel. Whether you are in the mood for socialization or studying, you will definitely be able to find your nook in any of Manhattan’s coffee houses. Be sure to allow your taste buds to roam from place to place!


best quick, quality cup of coffee

Radina’s started its reign in the early ‘90s by Wade Radina when it took the place of Espresso Royale on the corner of Manhattan Avenue and Laramie. The local favorite has proven itself to be the best place to grab a quick, quality cup of coffee. If you are on your way to class or work, this is your go-to place to grab your cup of joe from any of their seven locations!

favorite quite study atmosphere

Situated on the east side of town, Sparrow Specialty Coffee is known for its hip and modern vibes with a side of peacefulness. Are you a solo-studier who likes your coffee shop nice and quiet? Enjoy the atmosphere of this quaint spot with a scone and lavender latte as you tackle your homework.

most comfortable and upbeat space

In the heart of town, Bluestem Bistro is located on Moro Street in Aggieville. Bluestem’s comfortable and upbeat vibe provides the best location to meet up and hang out with friends. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a conference room perfect for a meeting or study group. Enjoy Bluestem’s selection of their specialty drinks or dive into their vast menu of entrées!

prettiest latte art

If you are the type of person that enjoys artistic lattes and cappuccinos as well as a hip environment, Arrow is the place for you. Located right across the street from Throckmorton Hall on campus, it is the closest coffee shop to campus besides Radina’s. Arrow also holds weekly events such as morning yoga, wine tastings and trivia.

finest selection of food & drinks

The newest addition to Manhattan, Paramour Coffee, is on the northwest side of town in the same complex as Mr. K’s. Paramour provides a small and modern feel with a selection of coffee and breakfast for you to enjoy. Either grab a cup on the run, or stay a while and enjoy a breakfast sandwich.


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