Refashioning the World – Rebekah Mally

Rebekah Mally, senior in apparel and textiles marketing,

has begun incorporating fashion with music to create unique, commissioned works of art. For $50 a pop, Mally turns jean jackets into wearable album covers.

“I think jean jackets are really fun, because you can pair them with anything, and it makes it very unique to you,” Mally said.

Mally also said that denim is the ideal material to paint because it is sturdy and the colors don’t bleed through. She has painted other material as well, including a dress that took 1st place in the K-State Apparel Marketing Design Apparel fashion show, “Into the Woods”, last spring, but complained that thinner fabrics become crispy and crunchy once painted.

Two of Mally’s recently painted denim jackets feature Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” and “Acid Rap” album covers. Chance the Rapper is a hero and inspiration to Mally, who admires him not only as a musician, but for his social activism in his hometown of Chicago, where Mally visits twice every year.

“One of my top dream jobs would be designing all the merchandise for Chance the Rapper. That would be so dope,” Mally said.

Mally is currently planning two more commissions, Beyoncé and Migos album covers. Although she is willing to paint other subjects, she prefers album covers because she is passionate about uniting people through music.

“Music is so transcendent between all races. It’s like sharing a part of yourself with the world, and then you can have a connection with so many different people,” she said. “It’s a very unifying thing because then you know you have something in common.”

She is also passionate about helping victims of sex trafficking, eating disorders, depression, institutionalized racism and systematic poverty. She hopes to contribute a percentage of future profits from the clothes she sells to organizations combatting these social issues.

“My number one passion is social justice, and exploring what that means,” Mally said.

Mally’s long-term goal is to own a clothing store based in “street” fashion, but including a line of swimsuits designed for a diverse range of body types to help women feel more comfortable, physically and emotionally.

“I want my whole company to empower women and have it be a community where women can help each other,” Mally said.

For the time being, Mally wants K-Staters to know that she’s open to painting anyone else’s jean jackets before she graduates.

“It gives me something to do…and it’s very soothing for me. Plus, it keeps me from going out, and that is a good thing, 100 percent,” Mally said.

Mally can be reached by direct message on Twitter (@beksterloves) or by email ([email protected]).

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