Fresh Cuts in MHK

Ever wonder where you should go for your next fresh hair-do while in Manhattan? Well we asked around and found the best hair stylists in town, so check out the following individuals when booking your next appointment in guarantee of a fresh style.



Penelope Kendall

Standard Hair Services & Curl Specialist

Instagram – @devagurl17

Facebook – DevaGurl

Penelope Kendall is located in Allure Salon Studios at 3810 Vanesta Drive and has been styling hair for 14 years. When customers first walk in the shop, they are greeted with bold and colorful art, as well as a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.  It’s quiet and allows you to receive the “treat yourself” day you deserve. “I think that people should come to me because curls are my specialty. I love curls, I love all hair, but curls speak to me.”

Tip #1 – Less is more when it comes to applying products.

Tip #2 – Microfiber towel is key to avoid frizz.


Essence Crain

Silk Press, Sew-Ins (closure, frontal or traditional) & Box Braids

Instagram –  @e.samonebeauty1

Essence Crain is a student at Kansas State studying apparel and textiles. She has been doing hair for four years since starting K-State. Working out of the comfort of her home, she has a one-on-one girl talk feel. “People should come to me because they will receive a personalized experience, plus walk out feeling beautiful. Each of my recurring clients can vouch and say that together, with my work and their upkeep, we make a pretty good team when it comes to exponential hair growth.”

Tip #1 – When you walk out of a stylist seat whether it be braiding or a silk press, how you maintain and take care of your hair after their work will determine your process of hair growth.

Tip #2 – Make sure you go to someone who works well with your hair texture and is passionate about doing hair because if they’re not they will not care how it looks and me on the other hand, I DO!


Christopher James


Instagram – nu_legacyent_

Nu Legacy started out in Junction City, KS before it made its way down the road to Manhattan. Not comparing himself or worrying about other shops, shop owner, Christopher James is able to give all of his customers quality service. “Students should come to me because I want to give people the best that I can give them, I’m good and my work speaks for itself. I am not able to cut everyone but I am looking for students who want the best haircut, plus I give college prices.” Through an app called “The Cut,” customers are able to book appointments with the five star barber.


Jourdyn Grant


Snapchat – jourdynalex

Jourdyn Grant, also a K-State student, has become quite popular in the dorms for cutting hair. Pulling out a chair in his room or setting up in the bathroom, he is well known for lining up guys’ hair. “ I have been cutting hair since I was 13 but I have been seriously cutting for about 2 years.” Due to the lack of barbers for color, he took on the role and has taking a liking to the job. Supplying students with a fresh look when needed, he believes students should come to him because he takes the craft very seriously. “I take my time with every client to make sure the cut is crisp and I also take cleanliness and professionalism very seriously.”


Wildcat Barbershop


When patrons first walk into Wildcat Barbershop, photos of Eric Stonestreet, current, and previous K-state Athletes grace the walls of the classic barbershop space. Gary Wood, owner of Wildcat Barbershop, has been working at the shop for 15 years. He previously owned another barbershop in Aggieville and a beauty shop, so he definitely knows a thing or two about styling hair. “People should come here because we have that old time barbershop feel. We also have the wildcat symbol and all the memorabilia that represents the history of manhattan and K-State.” The old school shop supplies hot shaves, hot towel massages, and ultimately a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


Zoey Botkin

Balayage, Standard Hair Services

Instagram – @gaiasalonspa

Zoey Botkin has been working at Aveda for two years since starting beauty school at Bellus Academy. “I took up styling because it was a nice creative outlet.” Aveda offers a lot of hair care products that many customers miss out on. 97 percent of the products are naturally derived which are great alternatives for vegetarians and vegans.

Tip #1 – Coming in for a trim every three months makes hair healthier, longer and stronger.

Tip #2 – When getting ready for bed don’t pull your hair tight in a bun, that causes breakage in your hair and damage to your hair line.


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