5 Tips for the Best Summer

Photo By- Meg Shearer

Celebrate good times, wahoo! Summer is here; it’s as if I can actually smell the sunscreen and pool water! But these next three months are going to go by in a blink, so how do you make the best of it? Whether you’re working, relaxing, vacationing, here are some tips that you can take anywhere!


1. Get outside

Either in Kansas or any other location, we could be looking at sweltering heat, which is very appealing, I know. That being said, getting outside, wherever you are is easy (and free, HOLLA!). Go walk, hike, swim, dive, run, jog, crawl, backpack, tan, sit, lay, whatever; getting sunshine will make your days longer and the summer much brighter! After all, summer is about being outside, not cooped up in a building, like we’ve been all year!


2. Try something new

During summer, you have the time. The time to explore new places, things, people, and hobbies. Want to try that yoga studio that just opened up? Go for it! Want to see what CrossFit is all about? Go for it! Want to try a new food genre? Go for it! Want to check out that new band? Go for it! Want to check out the drive-in movies? Go for it! Even if you’re working all summer, weekends are a great opportunity to check out new places, events, things, etc. There always seems to be something going on in the summer! Grab your friends, family, or pet, and hit up a local spot or event! Look out for the free events especially! AYOH!


3. Relax

You’ll find yourself with a hunched back if you don’t follow this one soon; all of the stress in your shoulders and back has been building up since August 2017. Take the time to unwind, put down the technology, put your feet up, grab a book and feel the tension release. Or if reading isn’t your thing, try meditation, which can easily be done poolside. Listening to your favorite songs in your car with the windows rolled down. Maybe it’s getting your nails done and pampering yourself. Maybe it’s taking a walk. Whatever it is, treat yo’ self to some relaxation.


4. Get stuff done

Be willing to prioritize, and prepare yourself for the upcoming season, whatever it may entail. Get financial aid figured out, clean your car, organize your room, donate unwanted/unused things, figure out your class schedule, work, do a personal project. Again, in summer you have the time to do things, perhaps things you’ve been pushing off all year. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better when you have all of these things done.


5. Love people well

Probably the most important one of all is loving people well. Reconnect with friends or family. Pursue your relationships. Summer is a great time where most people are not busy. If your friends live somewhere else—can I get a ROAD TRIP?! Make up for the time you lost studying, sleeping, going to class, and being busy and love people well. Be intentional, start now; consider who you haven’t seen or maybe even who needs some love right now. Pursue those people, take them out to coffee, buy them lunch. If you don’t want to spend money, invite them on a walk, to the pool or to one of those local events. You will never regret it, I promise. Shared experiences and memories make for long days and an even longer summer. It’s easy to be selfish in this part of life, but it is most rewarding when you’re selfless.


My wish is that these tips guide you to the best, fullest, most satisfying summer of 2018! Get outside and try something new! Relax, or get things done, or both, but love well along whatever path you choose. Use this free time to be intentional and pursue one another, which you can do in all of those tips! Have fantastic summer! Manhappenin’ is signing out online until August 2018. Catch our summer issue, dropping soon!