8 Must Follow Animal Instagrams

Scrolling through your Insta feed has become a routine part of everyone’s day, so if you are someone who loves pictures of cute animals (aka a normal person) then here are eight must- follow animal accounts to spice up that daily gram check-in.


Hamilton is the most eligible cat bachelor on the block. That mustache gets all those kittens swooning, and I can see why. Cats with facial hair>>


Jill the squirrel is a domesticated hurricane rescue animal that loves tummy rubs. I didn’t know I needed a squirrel in my life until I saw this girly in lei and straw skirt.


Pumpkin lives a life similar to many suburban girls, she loves lying in bed and spending time with her two pups, Toffee and Oreo. Just one thing though, she’s a raccoon.


Instagram bios don’t lie; Juniper really seems to be the happiest fox out there. If anyone is on the market for a fox model then this is your gal. She knows how to work her angles and has a glowing set of pearly whites.


As the wise Ghost, the Samoyed once said, “What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator? A friend you can count on”.


Tod and his greasy brother, Bikke are a couple of Japanese chipmunks just looking for a good time. Warning: following this account might make one try to catch a wild chipmunk to keep as a pet.


My girl Pam has a thriving sense of style and love for media. She is the definition of living her best life and if I was able to meet one celebrity, Pam would be at the top of that list. Also, let’s talk about that username, @PamLovesferrariBoys? Same here Pam, same here.


I found the cure to a bad day and the answer is Esther’s Instagram. Her subtle sassy humor and embracement of her natural curves are a perfect mix of entertaining yet inspiring