10 Daily Health Habits to Pick Up Now

We’re all looking to live our best lives with a healthy body, sound mind, and positive relationships, so it’s no wonder that we’re all working to better ourselves as often as we can! Whether we realize it or not, every action we take is either a step towards our health goals or a step away from them. If we take clear, intentional action each day, our best (and healthiest) lives are just within reach! Don’t know where to start? Try these 10 daily health habits today and watch your life improve dramatically!


1. Stay hydrated!

You knew this one was coming. Water is ESSENTIAL for every function in your body. A good rule of thumb is to take your weight and divide it by two. For most people, that’s the average amount of water (in ounces) that should be consumed per day. Of course, this fluctuates based on several factors such as exercise and temperature, but it’s a good starting place if you don’t know how much to drink!


2. Get moving.

This is another no-brainer, but an oh-so-important habit. Whether it’s lifting weights, hitting the cardio deck, or even just having a dance party in your house, exercising is key to living a healthy life. Not only does it tone you and get your heart rate up, but it releases endorphins which make you happier as well. Win-win!


3. Stretch daily.

For some of you, this will seem like a chore. For others, it’ll be the best part of your day! Try some yoga or simple stretching on your own first thing in the morning or right before bed to keep your body in tip-top condition. Stretching relieves stress on the mind and body and keeps you functioning at your optimum ability!


4. Eat whole foods.

Oreos rock my socks off just as much as the next person’s, but eating fruits and vegetables makes all the difference. Whole foods are those that have not been processed. These foods are typically easily digestible, contribute energy, and offer loads of micronutrients for overall health! Try to incorporate fruits and veggies into every meal or snack on them throughout the day.


5. Read.

Picking up a good book that you ENJOY reading will totally transform your life. Strive for at least 30 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted reading time each day and you’ll really be thanking yourself. Not only is reading relaxing, but it is proven that the smartest, most successful people incorporate it into their daily routines, so you should too!


6. Sleep.

You always hear this: 8 hours a night! Well, whoever is preaching this is not wrong. Getting adequate amounts of sleep each night is proven to help us keep a clear mind and keep our bodies performance at the highest levels. Additional fun fact: Lack of sleep can lead to the slowing of our metabolisms which leads to weight gain. Catch your Zs!


7. Wash your face twice a day.

I know, it’s a pain. Taking time out of your day, both morning and night, to wash your face. Your skin will thank you though! If you’re taking the time to stay properly hydrated and eat whole foods to keep your internal body happy, the least you can do is care for it on the outside as well. (Bonus points for wearing sunscreen moisturizer as well!)


8. Make your bed.

If my mom taught me anything, it was to make my bed every morning because it was one easy task that would make a difference in my day. While I don’t always heed my mom’s advice, I know that making the bed in the morning does actually contribute to a better environment! When you live in a space that is peaceful and not cluttered, your mind becomes clearer, you are more productive, and your stress levels decline. Try it!


9. Journal.

This is a habit that will really help you level up your daily routine. Taking time to journal each day about your experiences, to-do’s, or gratitude (my personal favorite) gives you a place to reflect. Not only do you get to dump all your thoughts on a piece of paper, but you really become in tune with your own thoughts and emotions which helps to clear the mind and release negativity.


10. Log off.

At least an hour before bed, it’s time to sign out of social media, close the laptop, turn the television off, and put down the phones. When you’ve been staring at a screen right before going to sleep, your brain still thinks it’s daytime and you will have a hard time falling asleep and/or maintaining a deep REM sleep each night. Make sure you’re sleeping in a dark room with no lights from electronics polluting it as you try to sleep.


With this list of 10 things to take your health routines to the next level, your new daily routines will enhance your life tenfold. Give them all a try and stick with them! It only takes a few days to notice a difference, but keep at it and you’re bound to find the best version of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.