How to Style Oversized Clothes

The 90’s are back, and better than ever—or should I say bigger than ever! The iconic style of the 1990’s is flooding the field of fashion. Scrunchies and thrifted jeans are now a major vibe, especially when paired with an oversized tee, or sweater. Styling that oversized item in your closet can be hard, especially if you’re not inspired. So, if you’re someone who is struggling to find a reason to wear that oversized piece then here are some tips for you:

Add a Belt:

Photos by- Abby Pfannenstiel

Extra-long t-shirts can be considered a dress on some, so adding a belt around the waist is a simple and easy way to dress up the outfit, no matter the occasion!

Tuck It In:

Photos By- Abby Pfannenstiel

There are many ways to tuck in a top to make a typical outfit look different and fashionable. A popular one at the moment is the front tuck, where you tuck the shirt in right above the button of the pants and leave the rest to hang casually.

Pair with Chunky Shoes:

Photos By- Abby Pfannenstiel

Thick soles are in! Male or female, if there are those oversized pants or tops just sitting in your closet, then there is something to accessorize with to keep adding to the oversized look.

Dress it Down:

Photos By- Abby Pfannenstiel

It’s always safe to add some leggings or jeans to an oversized look, it’s that easy! A hat or dainty necklace could also be paired with the look to add a little something extra but still fulfill that comfortable look.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting with your style. Buy that top, wear those pants, and try it with those shoes. Don’t watch your clothes sit in your closet, wear them! You’ll be the trendsetter the more you experiment with your fashion. It’s definitely not the most comfortable thing at first, but being fashionable is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Confidence is key and these tips should add a little boost when it comes to wearing those oversized items. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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