7 Movies for a Rainy Day

With spring fighting winter to finally take its place, it’s only right that we prepare for spring’s victory and the showers that will come with it. Whether it’s a snow day or rainy day, here’s a list of movies, from romances to gangster films, that are worthy of the watch.

1. The Sound of Music

What’s a rainy day without Julie Andrews giving you a spoonful of wisdom—especially about how to deal with heartbreak? “The Sound of Music” is the ultimate rainy-day film with #relationshipgoals, great music, and the dreamy eyes of Christopher Plummer; there’s no way you can go wrong with this choice.

2. The Godfather

Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino are amazing actors all in one film—and not just any film but the ultimate gangster movie. While people may look at this film as too violent for a relaxing rainy day, but there’s more to the film than meets the eye. It’s a good thought-provoking movie. The film overall makes you question the values and morals of the different characters but also how far one may be willing to go to protect themselves, the family and the family business. It may have some bloody shots here and there, but Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are total babes in their prime and they make it all worthwhile.

3. Princess Diaries

Why choose the most popular guy in school, when you can choose your best friend who loved you before your “glow up”? “Princess Diaries” came out over 15 years ago and it’s still my guide to embracing and mastering my inner queen. Anne Hathaway’s charmingly-relatable and clever character is not only honest but enjoyable to watch on a day that doesn’t make me feel obligated to leave my home.

4. Indiana Jones (just about any of them except “Temple of Doom”. It’s my least favorite)

I need adventure especially when I am stuck in the house, which leads me to this plethora of phenomenal films: *queue Indiana Jones Theme Song.* If you can’t do these films due to so much historical background, I would recommend Star Wars, but either way, a dose of Harrison Ford in his younger days is necessary healing for the heart. In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” you can even watch Shia Labeouf before his “lurking in the woods as a cannibal” days. Take a nice little adventure to Peru and collect some artifacts in your imagination or reality, your choice.

5. Mean Girls

While the rain may make you retch, this movie will make the day fetch. Mean Girls is the millennial equivalent to The Heathers, but obviously a less crime-infested version. What better way to spend a rainy day than cuddled up in a blanket on your couch, watching Gretchen Weiners try to make fetch happen. The movie is a classic for this generation and while it may not boost your self-esteem, it will at least boost your laughter for a couple hours.

6. Bride and Prejudice

You are probably thinking “What movie is this? I have never seen it before in my life.”  With all of the classics, I shared previously I feel it’s only right to throw in a film you may not have seen to make your rainy day a little less predictable. Open your mind and heart to new films. The movie is a Pride and Prejudice adaptation, but staged in India with music, colorful scenes, and introduces you to some culture that allows you to step out of some generic, seen-it-all locations. While the movie is a romance, it also has some thought-provoking moments throughout that many should actually consider thinking over. The main character is played by Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994, it’s fun to see some fresh faces and try some new films!

7. She’s the Man

This movie is so good, I actually took a break from writing this just to watch it, and it wasn’t even raining. From quotes like “New school, new babe pool,” to the very best quote of all time “My favorite’s Gouda,” it’s only right that this is an option for any day. Amanda Bynes has honestly been my role model since “The Amanda Show” and she definitely does not fail to make you love Viola in this Shakespearean-influenced movie. “She’s The Man” is a classic but it also tackles society flaws including the objectification of women and the “ladylike” mentality that our parents have taught us. Although there is a lot of funny commentaries, the film still brings to light—in an airy and less hostile way—significant topics that should be discussed.


If you have learned anything from this list, I hope it’s that Julie Andrews is wise in all movies (you’re guaranteed to learn something). Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Harrison Ford are total babes. And the last take way is, trying a new movie that may be outside your comfort zone or even culture could not only expand your horizons but also make a rainy day worth every drop. Well, now that you are prepared for those stormy days in the house, the snack discussion will be saved for another day. Enjoy!


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