15 Minute Workouts for that Summer Bod

The end of the semester is approaching quickly and everyone is rushing to get their pool bodies tanned and toned for summer break. If you’re anything like most college students though, you’ve probably indulged in one too many cookie-bakes or pizza slices this winter. At this rate, your dream summer bod is just that: a dream.

Never fear though! Listed below are 3 fifteen minute workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home to tone up and slim down before those summer months roll around.


Circuit 1: Upper Body

1-minute plank

1-minute knee push ups

1-minute tricep dips

1-minute commandos (think forearm planks to full planks, etc.)

1-minute break

Repeat 3 times


Circuit 2: Lower Body

1-minute alternating lunges

1-minute jump squats

1-minute Bulgarian split squats (lunge with back leg raised on a chair or other platform)

1-minute wall sit

Repeat 3 times


Circuit 3: Full Body

1-minute jumping jacks

1-minute leg raises

1-minute Russian twists

1-minute frog jumps

Repeat 3 times


These workouts and more can be found in the 6-week GetFit! At Home Guide for Do It Yourselfers by Sarah Emry under the products page at sarahemry.com. Give the workouts a shot and get that summer body in no time!

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