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Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, here are some books we’re reading to fill your need for adventure because reading textbooks just aren’t cutting it. From this list, you’re sure to find the book—or books—just for you! These books are the beneficial alternative for television, and they are just as captivating. Cuddle up and fly away with these transcending novels.

The Road Between

If you are feeling a little lost or need some pick-me-up advice, this book may be a good read for you! “The Road Between,” written by Courtney Peppernell, is a poetry collection about losing yourself and then finding yourself again. If you have never read poetry or think it might not be for you, I encourage you to give this book a try. Poetry definitely makes you see the world in a new light. It’s also a very quick read if you aren’t looking for something super long. Peppernell’s poetry collection is easy to read, fun and relatable.

Stolen: A Letter to my Captor

This book was definitely a page-turner. Written by Lucy Christopher, this novel starts off with Gemma, a normal 16-year-old girl, at an airport on a family excursion. She gets frustrated with her parents and storms off to get some coffee where she encounters an unusual man Ty at the coffee shop. He offers to make Gemma a coffee.  Gemma drinks it, and then later finds out the coffee was laced with drugs. Ty flies her clear to Australia with a fake passport. Readers later realize Ty actually is not what you might think he is. “Stolen” is one of my favorite reads mainly because the story develops with twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. If you like unpredictable stories, this is a good read for you.

The Girl on the Train

Are you into psychological thrillers? Written by Paula Hawkins, “The Girl on the Train” debuted No. 1 on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers list in 2015. The main character, Rachel Watson, takes a train into London every day for work and catches daily glimpses of a “perfect” couple. Rachel becomes obsessed with watching the couple because she longs for a relationship like theirs. One normal day on her way to London, she sees something shocking happening between the couple and begins her own investigation to figure out what is actually going on in this duo’s life. As a quick and easy read, this thriller is hard to put down and is one of my favorites.

Paper Towns

John Green, a famous American author, released “Paper Towns” in 2008, so it is an older book, but a wonderful read. The main character, Quentin Jacobson has had a lifelong crush on his neighbor, Margo Roth. Quentin never really got the chance to interact with Margo, until one night when she randomly climbs up to his bedroom window and asks him to go on a “revenge campaign” against some of her enemies. Throughout the night and the unfolding adventure, Quentin realizes that Margo isn’t at all who he thought she was. An adventurous read, “Paper Towns” has complex and interesting characters and I recommend it to fans of any other John Green book.


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