7 Must-Haves in a Guy’s Apartment

The Necessities You Need to Upgrade Your Space

Photo By: Andrew Kemp

Finally, you moved out of your parents’ house into your own apartment. But, your apartment seems a bit….empty. Our homes are meant to be a place of comfort to us and typically reflect our personalities and interests. Here are things you should get to make your house a home.

1. Kitchen Set

Come on guys, we need to put the ramen and mac and cheese in the past and at least make it look like we know what we are doing. I’ve heard time and time again that a good set of kitchen knives is close to life-changing. Along with the knives, a set of pots and pans would maybe increase that possibility of you ACTUALLY cooking something other than ramen for once.

2. Beard Trimming Kit

If you’re as bare as a baby, this probably isn’t for you, but who am I to say what you can and can’t buy? Having a trimming kit can draw the line between a boy and a man. Who knows, maybe you’ll come out looking like Seneca Crane from the Hunger Games.

3. Shoe Rack and Shoe Refreshers

Guys, we smell, and we know we do. Shoes are a big source of why our room requires more than one Scentsy. They smell—especially after a vigorous game of racquetball at the rec. Something as simple as a shoe rack and shoe refreshers can turn that problem into a thing of the past.

4. Wall Art/Framed Posters

Having wall art that reflects your personality (no, a metal sign of Coors Light does not reflect your personality) looks clean in a place where you might host guests and in a place of leisure. The posters you acquired during your teen and college years might still be great, but framing them makes them look a whole lot better.

Photo By: Andrew Kemp
5. A DOG.

Nothing shows you’re a responsible adult like paying your bills, having a job and taking care of a dog! Not only do floofs show you have (somewhat) adult-like responsibilities, but women (and men!) love dogs. Here we are, killing two birds with one stone: responsibility and an attractive quality!

6. Speakers

I’m not talking about the cheap stuff you lug to the bathroom whenever you are taking a shower, I’m talking about actual speakers. You know, ones that actually produce quality sound.

7. Books

Reading may not sound like the most fun thing to do at times, but it definitely helps grow the mind. Having a bookcase with books you’ve read isn’t only mentally rewarding but also shows visitors that you appreciate a good read.

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