Galentine’s Day Fun

Parks and Recreation, a sitcom starring Amy Poehler that ran from 2009 to 2015, has a reputation for introducing trends to pop culture—think “treat yo self”—but few are as lasting as “Galentine’s Day.” Main character Leslie Knope appointed the holiday to Feb. 13 for women to celebrate our female friends, family members, and coworkers.

The best part of Galentine’s Day is that it’s so new and loosely-defined, it can easily be molded to suit any friend group. Who’s to say it even has to be celebrated on the 13th? It’s never a bad day to let girls be girls. Peruse the following packages and mix-and-match to design the perfect date with your gal pals.

Treat your best friend to chocolates and a teddy bear for “Galentine’s Day”. Photo by Mary Kate Zach

 Sweet and Classy Package

 Activity: Have your girlfriends bring over their favorite fruit and chocolate combo to create chocolate fruit bouquets. Keep it simple with chocolate-drizzled strawberries or go crazy and cut flowers and hearts out of pineapples and cantaloupe with cookie cutters, to be topped off with jumbo marshmallows.

Date: Grab your coloring books and a handful of colored pencils and go for coffee and conversation at your favorite cafe.

Gift: Check out a local thrift store, dollar store or used bookstore (we miss you, Dusty Bookshelf) to find some fun new reading material for your girls.

Laidback Kickback Package

Activity: Pile all your pillow, blanket and string light collections (not to mention your snack stashes) together to build the chillest pillow fort of all time. Then Instagram it mercilessly.

Date: Randomly draw 2-3 movies from your to-watch lists, whether cheesy rom-coms or action-packed psychological thrillers. Kick back and enjoy the show with ultimate comfort.

Gift: While you relax, might as well knot some friendship bracelets together to symbolize your everlasting platonic love for one another.

Love Her Wild Package

Activity: Start off your afternoon with a little excitement by venturing to the ice-skating rink in the park or rock wall at the rec.

Date: Search no more for an excuse to get that cool tattoo you’ve had your eye on. Who better to hold your hand while you get inked than your best friend?

Gift: At the end of your adventure, give her the cutest stuffed animal you can find to crash into bed with.

Cozy & Creative Package

Activity: Take your smartphones, DSLRs or even disposable cameras to your favorite shooting location and get your Instagram on. You can never have enough pictures with your gal pals…or a new enough profile picture. Consider coordinating outfits ahead of time, or just model your natural styles.

Date: Throw all your acrylics and paint-brushes together, buy some clean canvases, and paint your hearts out to a customized group Spotify playlist.

Gift: For each friend, write a handful of “Open when…” letters. Write a love letter labeled “Open when you’re lonely” and a motivational speech labeled “Open when you’re stressed.” You could even put a stack of those photos of you together into an envelope and label it “Open when you miss me.”

Girl Power Package

Activity: Take turns picking out one another’s party-worthy outfits and giving makeovers for a girls’ night out. Remember to include a jacket or sweater!

Date: Hit Aggieville together and dance your hearts out.

Gift: Good memories are always the best gift between girlfriends, but passing a few shots along will be appreciated, too.

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