Managing Time to Exercise Your Dog While in College

Having a dog in college doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it is quite rewarding if you manage your time well enough. Simply taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood or buying a couple treats and toys could be plenty to entertain you and your furry friend. Here are some simple items you can pick up at the store to keep your pup occupied:

  • Squeaky toy
  • Tennis ball
  • Bone
  • Rope
  • Frisbee
Photo by Hailey McClellan

Even taking about 30-40 minutes between class or shifts at  work to throw a Frisbee or ball for your dog can be enough for them to get some energy out. It’s important to allow your dog to get some sort of physical activity throughout the day so they don’t get anxiety from being cooped up in a kennel.

Photo by Hailey McClellan

According to, depending on the age, size and breed of your dog it is recommended that you allow them 30 minutes to two hours of exercise each day. It’s important to know the amount of exercise your breed needs in order to live a healthy, happy life. If you don’t have two hours straight to spend with your pet, disperse the activities throughout the day so it isn’t as overwhelming.

Photo by Hailey McClellan

“I love taking my dog to Linear Trail and letting him off his leash for an hour or so,” said Annie Reuther, a senior studying architecture. Trails are a good way to let your dog run around in an open space as well as enjoy a nice scenic view for yourself. An hour of this would be the perfect amount of time for your dog to burn some of that built-up energy, so you can focus on your homework when you get home.

Photo by Hailey McClellan

If you have more time on your hands, another fun activity for you and your pup could be a trip to the dog park. My personal favorite dog park is Cico Park off of Kimball Ave.

Zach Kratochvil, a junior studying broadcast journalism, said he enjoys taking his dog to the dog park when he has time. If i’ve had a busy day at class and am too tired to walk around the block I will take my dog to the dog park or to a trail for her to run around while I sit back and relax.

Photo by Hailey McClellan

It’s important to consider how your dog would act at a dog park being surrounded by other dogs. If your dog is a rescue and you aren’t quite sure how he or she would act around other dogs then you should slowly introduce them before jumping all in. Try walking your dog around the dog park and see if their behavior remains calm or see if they get defensive/scared.

Cico Park has plenty of big fenced-in space for your dog to run around with tons of other dogs. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow dog owners and also allow your dog to socialize with other dogs. Fairmont Park is another dog park option in Manhattan if you wish to go somewhere other than Cico Park. Even a car ride around the block can excite your furry friend. Dogs love to stick their head out of the window and have their ears flop in the wind. If you are going to a drive-thru to pick up a quick bite to eat, take your dog with you for a fun little ride and they will greatly appreciate it.

Photo by Hailey McClellan

In addition, walks around the neighborhood can be beneficial for you and your dog. Not only are you getting exercise, but your dog is too. This is a simple way to burn some energy your dog might have, and allow for some one-on-one time with your furry friend.

Here are some ways to you can manage time taking your dog out for some exercise. If you feel super busy and in a rush, take a deep breath and know the dog park is a couple minutes away and just 30 minutes could be enough time for your pup to get the exercise they need.

These photos are dogs that are available for adoption at PPAWS, these dogs need homes and lots of love!

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