What Your Shoe Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person by their footwear. Are you a trend setter, more laid back, or full of determination? Read on to see what your favorite pair of shoes reveals about you.




Now if you are dedicated to your Adidas shoe then you were probably a converse fan at first, then you turned your loyalty toward the classic Adidas sneaker. No shame in this, sometimes styles change and Adidas are definitely the trend for now. Adidas made its come back when athleisure became a common style, but they are also the perfect “cool girl/guy” shoe, and you probably own more than one jean jacket. If Adidas is your go to shoe then you are levelheaded, intelligent and photogenic.




You got your first pair of converse when you were 11 years old, and haven’t looked back since. Through all the shoe trends you always have your faithful pair of white low or high top converse. If you didn’t have a pair in middle school, it’s not likely you are going to join the club anytime soon. If you are a converse person you are a loyal friend, humble, and can switch from fun to serious in an instant.


Steve madden Furry slides


If you have a pair of furry slides you probably saw them for the first time from one of the 50 Instagram models you follow and your first thought was, “what are those?” However, as you began seeing them in stores and on your friends, you gave in and got a pair and you haven’t taken them off since. What’s not to love about slippers that are trendy and acceptable to wear in public? If furry slides are your go-to shoe, then you are a trend setter, outgoing and confident.


Nike Running Shoes


Now, I am sure many people have a pair of Nike running shoes, but if you are wearing them five out of seven days of the week then you are a sucker for comfort and practically live at the gym (or wanting to look like you live at the gym). These simple shoes provide the support you wish your boyfriend did. If Nike running shoes are your go-to, then you are a go-getter cheerful and enjoy being active, even if you don’t make it to the gym every day.  


Tory Burch sandals


If you have Tory Burch sandals your mom probably bought them for you, most likely to match your Kendra Scott necklace and Kate Spade purse. You can wear these with one of your sorority T-shirts (because you’re definitely in a sorority) or with a miniskirt for Friday night. You might be sad that it’s getting too cold to keep wearing your favorite sandals, but you can switch them out for your monogramed Duck Boots. If you are a Tory Burch kind of girl then you are not afraid to take charge, ambitious and put together.




You either got your first pair of chacos as a sensible decision for the outdoor activities you are constantly doing or as an outfit choice that made you look like you partake in those outdoor activities. Either way, ever since you broke those bad boys in they are the most used piece in your wardrobe. The list of benefits of these shoes goes on and on, they are waterproof, comfortable, you get a “chaco tan”, and it makes the statement “ya, I probably own a hammock”. If you are chaco crazy then you are adventurous, kind-hearted, and full of determination.




Who doesn’t love a good pair of Birkenstocks? They are an easy slide on shoe that work with most of your everyday wardrobe. From going to class, to rolling out of bed for a quick sonic run, these shoes have your back. Birkenstocks have become so popular that some might see them as “basic”, but I think these closet favorites are here to stay. Well, they better be here to stay considering you are dropping some serious cash to get your own pair. If you love your Birkenstocks you are helpful, easy-going and always prepared.


Combat boots


You are someone who cares about how they look, but never the one to overthink your outfit. You like your combat boots because they are durable, comfy, and fashionable enough to look like you are trying even when you aren’t! These lace up boots are perfect for the transition from fall to winter, which is your favorite time of year. If your go to shoes are your combat boots then you are authentic, trustworthy and love to be creative.




Booties are a must have for a fall wardrobe, but if you find yourself wearing booties most days of the week then you are likely someone that dresses up more than most. Whether it’s because you have a job with a professional dress code or you just take pride in your appearance, booties are always there to help you finish your look. If your go to shoes are your booties then you are reliable, independent and composed.

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