Top 10 Scary Movies To Watch In October

October is when classic scary movies make a comeback and when cuddling up to have a marathon almost every night is totally acceptable. With so many options that’ll make you cringe, we helped you out and created a handy dandy list of our top 10 scary movies. So grab a friend, some popcorn, and (if you’re a baby like us) a blanket to hide behind, and enjoy these classics.


  • Friday the 13th

If Friday the 13th wasn’t already unlucky enough, there’s a creepy guy going around with a knife and a hockey mask. No big deal. This classic will definitely give you a scare.



  • Nightmare on Elm Street

You won’t want to fall asleep during this one —literally. Going to sleep is kind of hard to do when a guy that has knives for hands haunts your dreams.



  • Halloween

Another creepy mask guy. With murders taking place on Halloween, there’s no telling if the blood is real or fake. I mean, its title is Halloween for Pete’s sake, there’s no better time to watch this classic.



  • “It”

Now I’m talking about the original ya’ll. Small town with a large mysterious rate of disappearances —until you realize a monster that haunts children awakens every 27 years.



  • The Conjuring

Based on true events, this horror flick shows what it’s like living with evil spirits as paranormal investigators try to get to the bottom of the case.



  • Chucky

Who knew getting a doll for a present would turn into a nightmare? Chucky is only 29 inches tall, but somehow manages to be a serial killer doll. I feel like he was part of all of our childhood nightmares.



  • Annabelle

A couple begins experiencing some paranormal occurrences after a vintage doll shows up. Another creepy doll movie, but this one is based on true events. (Spooky)



  • Scream

There’s a murderer loose in a small town. The victims are terrorized with phone calls and random trivia questions before their death occurs. Not your typical scary-mask-killer type of guy (although he does wear a mask).



  • Jeepers Creepers

You’ll never listen to the song, “Jeepers Creepers,” without cringing a little after watching this movie. Oh, and all the creepy stuff happens to a couple of college kids just trying to go home so have fun driving back to your hometown after this. Yikes.


  • The Shining

Imagine living in an empty hotel for months — until you realize it’s not actually empty. A loving family is taken over by evil spirits and witness some crazy occurrences unfold. This one if for sure a classic.



If you have any other favorites that we missed, let us know in the comments!

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