Transitioning Into Fall

Black Slip Dress

Photo by Brittany Reed

A LBD is a seasonless and timeless piece essential for every woman’s wardrobe, but as slip dresses become more popular it’s hard to find the right way to wear them as the temperature drops outside. Those skinny strapped dresses were originally made for the comfort of your bed, not the windy 40-degree weather of campus in late October! To make this outfit more fall-friendly just pair a white Tee under that satin dress for a stylish and warmer look.



Photo by Brittany Reed

Overalls are here and everyone is NOT over it. To transition this fun and trendy piece from a hot night to a chill day, take the tube top that was perfect for a mid-summer festival look and replace it with a tight fitting turtle neck! Now this outfit is overall compliment worthy.


Summer Dress

Photo by Brittany Reed

Summer dresses are such a tease. Every clothing store hypes up these flowy and floral pieces that are perfect for a warm evening dinner with the girls or a sunny summer wedding… but then you are supposed to put it in the back of your closet and wait until next summer where it has now become so “last season”? To get some more use out of your one-season dress, try tightening those straps and pairing it with your favorite skinny jeans. This simple addition can give your outfit a 180 look and let you get your money’s worth.


Jean Shorts

Photo by Brittany Reed

Shorts are a harder piece to continue wearing into the fall, there’s only so many warm days after summer ends to get some extra uses out of your favorite pair of high waisted
denim. To drag out these uses for as long as you can, try going warmer above and below the shorts, wear scrunchy socks and booties with a light weight sweater. these additions
will make this outfit fall ready.



Photo by Brittany Reed

Casual rompers are very underrated. It’s like a whole outfit with little effort and no hassle of pairing pants with a shirt! So your favorite romper is definitely something we want to extend into another season. To make your favorite summer romper last longer add a crop sweater to make it more suitable for the coming fall weather. This can also dress the romper up or down depending on the sweater added, play around with crop sweatshirts and chunky pullovers for a fun new look.

Patterned Pants

Photo by Brittany Reed

I once had a girl tell me that the busy, patterned pants I was wearing were too “summer-y” to wear in October. And to that I say “so what?”. Yes, patterned pants can be a popular piece for a summer concert or outdoor lunch, but with the help of a warm sweater or chunky jean jacket, your outfit is ready to take on a whole new look in the fall cold.

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