How to Make the Most of Your Space

Everybody know that when you first move in everything is so prim and proper and each item has its own place. But what happens when it’s finals week and the once clean place you knew look like a disastrous war zone? I have one word for all of you, maximize. Maximize your small space to where you have more room to be organized. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most of it!


Roll away carts.

Something that is great about roll away carts is that it’s portable so stack your stuff and get moving!

Photo by Lyndsey Piska


Get pockets.

Another great item to have is a bed pocket. You just slide the flap under the mattress and you have a pocket to put your phone in, a tv remote or even a few midnight snacks!


Utilize your wall.

The best thing about your wall is that you can hang stuff on it. So why not hang stuff that can actually help you organize it and get it off the floor.

Photo by Lyndsey Piska


Think of places nobody else would.

Under your bed is a great spot for extra storage that nobody really thinks of. If you raise your bed just even 5 inches you have a whole new spot for clothes, shoes or anything you can really think of.


Expand your closet.

I don’t know about you but I have A LOT of clothes and there are many ways that you can add to your closet without breaking down walls.

Invest in a double hanging closet rod – this is something that you can hang on the ends of your already existing rod and have it hang down to be able to store more hanging clothes.

Use shower rings on hangers – you can use these shower rings for literally everything. You can use them to hang up scarves or even tops that slide off hangers or don’t have straps.


Cover it up.

Some people will walk into a friends dorm room and say “oh my gosh this is so clean” the best way to do that is to cover it. “Having a curtain to hide what’s in my closet makes the room feel so much more clean. Plus it adds another element of decoration which makes me feel more at home.” Freshman Kendra Cunningham, Ford Hall resident. This will help hide the stuff and make it seem like there’s less clutter in your tiny space.


Photo by Lyndsey Piska

Lastly, get rid of it.

If you still find that your room is a hot mess, gather the stuff you don’t or won’t use and get rid of it. It sounds obvious, but it’s true – the less stuff you have, the more space you’ll have.   

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