Gameday Fashion

K-State football games are a time for barbecues, yard games, and purple galore. But how does one best prepare for all the touchdowns, Wabashing, and game-ready Instagram posts? Here’s an inspiration guide for all your outfit needs. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of purple and a lot of Wildcat Pride.

Photo by Hannah Markel

On Kevin Manase: K-State tee, $45: Rally House; Shorts: model’s own

On Jacob Ostertag: Black K-State polo: model’s own; Khakis, $64: Express

On Brooke Evans: Powercat dress: stylist’s own, Purple sweater, $27: Forever 21; Necklace, $40: Francesca’s


Photo by Hannah Markel

On Nage Faflick: Vest, $54: Rally House; Checkered shirt: model’s own; Jeans, $56, Buckle

On Megan Baudry: Jean shorts: model’s own; K-State tee, $45: Rally House; Plaid shirt, $33: American Eagle


Photo by Hannah Markel

On Megan Baudry: Jersey, $54: PINK; Bralette, $40: Aerie; Jeans, $48: American Eagle; Face tattoo: Acme Gift Shop

On Brooke Evans: Jean skirt, $52: American Eagle; Purple K-State tee: stylist’s own; Jean jacket, $35: GAP; Face tattoo: Acme Gift Shop

Photo by Hannah Markel


Photo by Hannah Markel

On Kevin Manase: Demin shirt, $54: Rally House; Shorts: model’s own;

On Nate Faflick: Jersey; model’s own


Special thanks to Rally House for helping provide items!

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