Huge Hair, Don’t Care

My fellow curly haired girls know how challenging it is to embrace those luscious locks. Especially when it takes half the morning to style, an endless amount of product, and the fact that one side will somehow always be flatter than the other. Curly hair may be demanding and we’ll always wonder what it’s like to have hair that can be thrown into a quick pony tail in the morning, but we were blessed with these curls. There are plenty of hairstyles and products out there for curly hair that are simple and affordable. If you’re wanting cute, natural looks with zero frizz, check out these tips and some essential products recommended by girls who understand curly hair all too well.


Photo by Emily Starkey

Pantene Curls Custard

Truly natural defining curls custard by Pantene is a great way to keep your curls shiny, tight and under control (not to mention I’ve gotten dozens of compliments on how great it smells). I’ve personally found that this product requires some playing around with to find that perfect balance because of how much it holds. However, it’s been my curly go-to for years and I haven’t looked back! You can get your jar at Walmart for $4.49.


Photo by Emily Starkey

Marc Anthony Coconut Oil

Marc Anthony hydrating coconut oil and shea butter curl cream is a lightweight product, designed for dry hair that reels in those unruly curls with extra hold. It smells amazing and moisturizes and de-frizzes your locks, enhancing your curly hair to its fullest potential. Snatch this product up at Ulta Beauty for the super affordable price of $7.99.



Photo by Emily Starkey

TRESemmé  Hair Spray

TRESemmé Très Two Extra Hold Hair Spray is the perfect hair spray if you’re looking for a way to hold your curls together, while still allowing them to move naturally. There are no flyaways, frizz or flakes but most importantly there is no dreaded crunch, just controlled curls for days. To add this hairspray to your product list pick it up at Target for $4.99.



Photo by Emily Starkey

TRESemmé Mousse

TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse is designed to enhance the beauty of your natural hair. It allows you to craft your curls without them becoming sticky or stiff and is completely humidity resistant which is an absolute must. This mousse will give you the volume you crave while also keeping your mane in check. This super affordable curl crafter can be found at Target for $3.99.


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